The last step in evaluating your media analysis essay is to ensure that you have...

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Any complete evaluation of a media analysis essay should be finalized by an assessment of whether all the components are in place. It takes a careful examination of the work regarding the structure and style of the paper. This is the step where the writer appreciates their work and to understand it as a whole. An overview of the essay should reveal the general scope of the essay in serving the topic, communicating the central idea as stated in the thesis statement and contributing to reader’s knowledge in a way.

The write should, therefore, make a checklist of all the expectations of the essay and identify if all were included starting with the thesis statement that should be presented at the end of the introductory paragraph. Media analysis essay requires much textual evidence, and the writer should make sure all textual evidence appears about topic sentences. Finally, the conclusion should be in place for the essay to have a wrap up that cements the main idea in the analysis. Finer details are also important such as:

· Paraphrases

· Quotations

· Specific details

The last step has to incorporate analysis of terms that triangulate the topic within the context and the stance that the writer’s language depicts, for instance, the need for further evidence or lack thereof. The writer should be able to have a summative understanding of the media analysis essay and all included components in detail, the overall structure and compliance to the required style of the paper.

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